You're not getting your money's worth paying rent!

Start your path to homeownership with Langley's HomeSaver programs.

If you:

  • Are paying rent
  • Have established good credit
  • Saved for a down payment

Congratulations! It is time to invest in your first home with Langley's HomeSaver program. Here's what you will receive:

  • 100% financing with no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Langley's new Safe Shop Rate Lock. Lock in a low rate while you shop for a home. If rates drop, you get the lower rate!

If you:

  • Are not paying rent
  • Are still building your credit
  • Have little to no money saved for a down payment

It may not be the right time to purchase your first home, but we can get you there quickly. Speak with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers and learn about our HomeSaver Loan program. Upon successful completion of the HomeSaver Loan program, you will be ready for your first home and eligible for all the benefits offered to first-time homebuyers mentioned above.


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*To participate, members must have not previously owned a home. Upon completion of the program, eligible members may lock in today's interest rate for 90 days. A contract must be presented within 60 days and closed by day 90. The loan options are the 5/5 ARM, 10/5 ARM, and 30 Year Fixed. Maximum loan amount is $350,000. Gifts will only be allowed if applied to the down payment to reduce the loan amount.