Online Banking


  • Quickly access all of your accounts online
  • Easily pay bills and transfer funds
  • Set email and text alerts
  • Track your spending and payment history
  • Manage your loans
  • Track your credit card activity

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In online banking, you are able to see all of your Langley accounts. Up-to-date balance information is available, along with transaction history. Monthly eStatements are available and you can set up both email and text alerts for transaction and balance information.

You can also get your latest credit score, updated monthly to ensure that you're managing your financial reputation effectively.


Pay and Transfer

Paying bills may not be fun but it is easy with Langley's online banking. Set up the bills you'd like to pay, schedule payments and track the payment status. You can schedule bill payments in advance and know that they will be paid securely and on time.

It's also easy to move money between your various accounts and between friends and family members at Langley.



Enrolling in online banking is simple. You will be asked to accept some terms and conditions, then provide some basic personal information to get started. Don't worry – the process is secure and your information will be safe.

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