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Online Buying Protection

Create A Password That Protects You When Buying Online

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Langley credit and debit card holders can now enjoy added security when shopping online with Verified by Visa buying protection. Here's how it works:

  • For each credit or debit card you want to protect, click on the appropriate link in the right sidebar.
  • Assign yourself a password and a Personal Message. It only takes a minute.
  • Shop. When you make an online purchase, you'll be shown your Personal Message and you'll be asked for your password.

Please be aware that members who have signed up for Verified by Visa previously and have not made any qualified VbV online credit card purchases in the past 12 months will need to re-enroll their Visa or MasterCard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Message? 
It's a word or brief phrase that you create when you sign up for online buying protection. The merchant never sees your Personal Message.

Why is it important? 
When you make an online purchase, you'll know you're dealing with a valid participating merchant and not an imposter. Always check to see that your message displays correctly.

Will I need a password now when I shop at the mall? 
No, this only applies to purchases made on the Internet.

How long before the password takes effect? 
The password takes effect immediately.

I've had my cards for years. Do I still protect them? 

I don't need new cards? 

When my card expires and I get sent a new one, do I have to do this again? 
Usually, you'll receive a card with the same account number and a new date. In that case, no, you don't have to re-register. You only have to do this if the card number changes.

What if I lose my card and get one with a different number? 
If your card number changes, you need to register the new card.

Why can't I register my business card? 
That limitation is imposed by the credit card companies.

How many Langley debit and credit cards can I register? 
You should register all you have.

Can I use the same password on all my cards? 
Yes, if you want to.

Can I use my PIN number? 
No. Your password must be 6-10 characters including at least 1 number and 1 letter.

What do I do if forget my password? 

What do I do if I have a problem? 
Call 888-918-7490 any day, any time.

Will I have to re-enroll? 
If you enrolled in Verified by Visa and have not made any qualifying VbV credit card purchases online for the past 12 months, you will need to re-enroll in the programs.