COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates from Langley

PPP Loan Forgiveness

8/7/20 11:00am

Langley is committed to providing members with timely updates on the PPP loan process. The current deadline for new PPP Loans is August 8, 2020. We are closely following the actions of Congress, SBA, and the U.S. Treasury Department for any additional changes that will impact our business members. We are honored to assist many of our local businesses through the PPP loan program and will continue to be here to help you as you navigate the steps ahead.

To our members who have received PPP funds, we understand that you may be anxious in beginning the next step of the process—applying for forgiveness. You should know that we are now accepting PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications. For application links, instructions, and other details regarding the PPP Loan Forgiveness process, visit here. You can also send your completed PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and supporting documents to us at [email protected].

For general inquiries, give Langley Commercial a call at 757-224-4777.

Branch Mask Requirement

7/16/20 4:00pm

We are neither a scientific or political organization. Our priority is to defeat COVID-19 and keep our employees, members, and their families safe. We will require masks for in-branch servicing beginning Monday, July 20, 2020.

We recognize some members are deeply rooted in their beliefs in not wearing masks. We offer several mask-free points of service: drive-thru window, night deposit box, ATM, Online and Mobile Banking, and telephone services.

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe.

Branch Re-Opening Update

5/08/20 12:00pm

We are excited to announce that all Langley branch lobbies will reopen on Monday May 18, 2020. However, it won’t be business as normal. You’ll notice a few changes in place to protect our staff, members and visitors.

We will be limiting the number of people allowed in a branch at any given time and this will vary by location based on branch size. As Members and guests enter the branch you will be asked to maintain social distancing by following the markers on the floor. Plexiglass barriers have been installed on the teller line and in offices to help provide protection. The Langley team will be wearing facemasks and they would love it if you would too. We recognize that wearing a mask may seem like an inconvenience, but while you may only spend a few minutes in our branch, our employees will interact with hundreds of members throughout day.

Our team would encourage you to continue to utilize our online & mobile banking and our Appointment Concierge to schedule a phone appointment as we can serve nearly every need you have by telephone. However, should you need to visit a branch, we will check you in at the front door and ask you to wait in your vehicle to be called. As with all of you, we look forward to a day when things return to normal.

We appreciate all of your cooperation and continued support as we adapt to this challenging environment. Thank you for being a member of Langley.

Access to Your Stimulus Checks

4/16/20 11:00am

We are here to help you access your stimulus funds. When the Economic Impact Payment is deposited into your checking account, you can access it using your debit card or through online or mobile banking.

If your stimulus funds have been affected by a negative balance in your checking account, our employees are prepared to work with you to access your funds.

The IRS Get My Payment page allows you to check the status of your payment and update any information the IRS needs from you. To check the status of your Economic Impact Payment, click here.

Information about Stimulus Checks

4/13/20 1:00pm

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun issuing Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks). They are coming in the form of direct deposit for those people who filed electronically in 2018 or 2019 and provided a bank account for direct deposit. We expect that these payments will continue to arrive every Friday until the IRS has completed the distribution.

Langley is processing these payments within minutes of receiving them through an automated process. There is no need to call as we do not have any additional information on when your payment will arrive, how much it will be, and into what bank account it will be deposited. Please use our online and mobile banking for real-time access to check whether the IRS has sent your payment.

For more information, we refer you to the IRS web site specially designed to answer your questions. Please remember, It is important to guard your personal information closely, as criminals will use events like this to take advantage of people.

IRS Resources:

The CARES Act will give most adults a $1200 stimulus check and $500 for each child. If you don’t have an immediate need for this money (overdue bills or loan payments), then this represents a great way to start your emergency savings fund.

Learn more here:

CARES Act Effect on Individual Retirement Account

4/8/20 12:00pm

If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at Langley, you may have federal relief opportunities that will help you during these uncertain times. To view more details of how these changes could affect you, click here to visit our web page .

Member Update

4/2/20 4:00pm

With the ongoing threat and risk of COVID-19, we are continually evaluating our business practices. Utmost consideration is being given to the health and safety of our employees and members.

Service at a Branch

You will experience long wait times if you visit one of our branches with drive-thru service. We would encourage you to use the night depository, ATM service, and Online Banking service as an alternative.

Effective today, we are suspending notary services at the branches. Access to Safe Deposit boxes will be restricted to emergency access only, for instance to conduct a Will search. We will resume this and all other branch lobby services once the COVID-19 situation has stabilized.

Service at the Contact Center

We have increased our capacity to serve you over the phone. Although we are handling a greater number of calls, we are ready to serve you quickly and effectively.

You may call our contact center on Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. Saturdays our contact center is open from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

If you would prefer to schedule a phone call, click here to select your time. You may choose your preferred branch, but feel free to select an available time at another branch if it suits your schedule.

Online Banking Services

Online and mobile banking remain the fastest and easiest way to do business at Langley. It is available 24/7, extremely secure and easy to use. The mobile app allows you to check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills and more. The desktop solution offers additional account management capabilities to manage your accounts and loans from home.

If you are not registered for online banking, click here. If you would like to learn more about what you can do in online and mobile banking, click here.

Appreciation to our Employees

As a financial institution, Langley FCU is designated as an Essential Business and will remain open throughout this COVID-19 crisis. Please know, our employees are just like you: they have concerns for the safety and health of themselves and their families. And yet they are also driven by a commitment to assist and help our members. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, we recognize there are going to be times the lines are long at the drive thru or you may have to wait too long on-hold for our Contact Center. You are counting on Langley and our employees are proud to be here for you. I want to personally and publicly thank our 540 amazing people we call Team Langley! – Tom Ryan, President/CEO

Member Relief Programs

NEW - Home Equity Lines of Credit: Langley is advancing due dates for Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit except for those products outlined below. For eligible loans, your monthly payments due in April will now be due in May. There are no fees associated with this skip-a-payment option; however, interest will continue to accrue. If your income has not changed, we recommend that you continue to make your monthly payments.

This process has been automated and does not require the assistance of a Langley staff member.

EXCEPTION - If you are in the initial 2-year draw period of your 7-year, 12-year or 17-year fixed rate HELOC and making interest-only payments, you will not be eligible for the skip payment. Unfortunately, the interest-only nature of these payments would create a significantly larger payment when the payments resume and would not provide the relief intended. Please contact us at 757-827-5328 if you would like to discuss alternative payment options for these products.

Member Relief Programs

3/21/20 12:00pm

Thank you to our Members who have been so understanding and cooperative as we get through this national crisis together.

Remember, we are offering several Member Relief Programs, including:

  • Emergency Relief Loans - to assist in cases where you have had a reduction or loss of income.
  • Waiving of Certificate early withdrawal penalties

Thank you again and please stay safe.

Important Information for our Members

3/18/20 8:00am

The threats and risks of COVID-19 have caused Langley to evaluate our business practices to ensure the health and safety of our members and employees. On this page you will see the steps that we are taking to ensure access to your finances while maintaining safe and effective operations.

Branch Operations

In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, Langley will close ALL branch lobbies at 5:00 pm on Wednesday March 18th. Until further notice, we will continue to conduct transactions through all our branch drive-through lanes (where available) and ATM lanes. Members can schedule phone calls with branch personnel through our Appointment Concierge Service. Night Deposit Boxes will process payments and deposit throughout the day.

Drive Thru Branches

Self-Service Operations

For those of you who are concerned about being in public and want to avoid unnecessary exposure, our online and mobile banking services provide a wide range of functionality to conduct your banking online. If you’re not already signed up for Mobile and Online Banking, make sure you visit here and sign up. To learn more about what you can do in online and mobile banking, click here.

Our Contact Center remains open during regular business hours. Due to anticipated higher call volumes, you may experience longer wait times when calling our Contact Center.

Online Banking

Manage your account on your desktop 24/7.

Call us

Monday – Friday – 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday – 8:30 am – 1:00 pm

Member Relief Programs

We anticipate that some members may face economic hardship due to the rapidly changing US economy. Langley is announcing the following Member Relief Programs:

  • Emergency Relief Loans: We will offer a low rate loan to members that need access to money. The first payment will be in 90 days, providing additional relief.
  • Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalties: We will waive Certificate early withdrawal penalties to assist members who need access to money for loan payments and bills.

For more information on these programs, call our Contact Center during regular business hours or schedule a phone call with one of our branch personnel through the Appointment Concierge.

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